Santa Fe Harp and Child

Macro photography is something new to me. It’s very difficult. First of all, you have no depth of field and any movement of the camera results in a blur. Tripod use is a must. But, despite the fussiness, I love it, so I’ll be adding that to the other photographic interests of mine. “Street Photography” simply must remain high on my priorities’ list. Santa Fe is full of interesting people, but I guess that’s true everywhere.

What makes New Mexico so special is the light. The place is luminous.

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Squash, Garlic as Art

Every year I start a garden inside. Sometimes I use seeds that I have collected from the previous season. When I do buy them, I like to get heirloom or organic non GMO. I’m far from being a Hippie, but these things matter to me.

Since I take a lot pride in this agricultural accomplishment, I thought a photograph of this lovely Patty Pan all by itself was in order. Nice shapes, great flavor, easy to grow, although the Squash Beetles think it’s pretty tasty too.

Too bad that the nature of the internet is to reduce the quality of the photographs. The originals have a bit more pop!

This is Russian Garlic which came from the Farmers’ Market on the 24th.

Botanical Macro and Textures: 5.31.20

Most of these were taken with a Macro lens on the full frame camera. There’s a whole new world awaiting for us when we decide to get close. The first time I took a macro shot, I was astounded at the amount of detail in something as mundane as a dried leaf—details that were completely unavailable to my sight. FYI: You can leave a comment for an individual photograph when you are in the slideshow. Click on one image above to launch that.