Elizabeth Bauer
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

Brief Bio

Pull up a seat and I’ll tell you a little bit about myself:

How often have you heard this one?

“I started taking photographs as a young child”.

It may sound generic, but it’s true. How many out there remember the Kodak Instamatic with a square, disposable bulb on top, good for 4 flashes? That was camera #1. I was hooked and enthralled.

Photography has been the one constant in my life. Other interests have come and gone, but this one endures.

Henri Cartier-Bresson once said (paraphrasing) that anyone’s first 10,000 photographs are garbage. I agree. But it’s still time that had to be put in. I’m a ruthless editor, so not many of those early shots remain. I like to think that my photos are improving with age, as is my “darkroom” technique in Photoshop.

I attended The Rochester Institute of Technology which is still well known for its photography, graphic design and print programs. I explored the first two in depth and got a graduate degree from that institution while dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

I’ve lived in Europe for an extended period of time, Switzerland to be precise. And that experience, which included citizenship, went far in defining my aesthetic, whether I knew it or not. I did not know it at the time. But now, with the advantage of distance, I see it quite clearly.

I only do this because I love it, for a ton of reasons. I’ve never shown these images in any gallery, and, as I mention on the “Welcome” page, it doesn’t seem to be, or to have been, a goal of mine. I don’t know, maybe I should reconsider that. Self-promotion does not seem to be one of my strengths however! But I’m a pretty good skier. Does that count?

I hope you enjoy your stay here.