Goats = Weed Control

This is a rural part of New Mexico. Most of New Mexico is rural so that’s no surprise. The way we control weeds sometimes is to bring in a herd of goats (some sheep mixed in) and just let them graze. They do a great job. No pesticides needed. No one out here uses pesticides anyway. The place is still too pristine and pretty to allow that. And, we’re all fairly conscious about how that effects the bees. A lot of people out here like to grow their own food. I wish I had a greenhouse!

Here are some nice portraits of the kids I met today. They completely ignored me…too intent on what they were doing. Me too.

And, by the way…what’s the best camera? Ok, we all know the answer to that question…The one you have with you. I always have the little Sony HX99 tucked away in my hand bag. It does shoot RAW and has no anti-aliasing filter. That gives a boost to the small sensor. As I have mentioned before, if this camera were any smaller, I wouldn’t be able to operate it. It is a miracle of miniaturization.

Rating: 0 out of 3.

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4 responses to “Goats = Weed Control”

  1. Mike Ross Avatar
    Mike Ross

    I love goats! Sometimes if you’re really patient they will come up to see what you’re doing. As for tiny cameras, when I first saw the Sony RX100 I thought it was just too small. But I carried it in my motorcycle jacket for 7 years and it never ceased to amaze me.


    1. Inspired By Here Avatar

      That’s a great camera. Distances are so great out here, that I appreciate the 700mm equivalent of the HX99. I do like the 1″ sensor of the 100. I like goats too. I also carry the small Sony on my motorcycle rides.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Harlow Avatar

    Thanks for the cute goat photos. I love New Mexico. It has a wonderful laid back culture, and what a beautiful place.


    1. Inspired By Here Avatar

      True, NM is a laid-back culture, rural and still wide open. And I think what I value most about it is….it’s quiet.

      Liked by 1 person

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