Santa Fe, New Mexico Christmas Lights

Every year, on December 24th, we look forward to the “Walk on Canyon Road“. This is a long and winding old street that is mostly filled with galleries, shops and restaurants. There are bonfires burning along the entire walk. In traditional New Mexico lore, the purpose of those fires is to light the way for the Christ child. All of the businesses decorate with lights and garlands. The galleries are open and often serve small sweets and sometimes hot drinks. It’s great to get inside, not just to look at the latest art, but to get warm! Santa Fe is cold on a December night. (Sadly, that Walk was cancelled this year.)

The picture up there of the kids in a tree house, is from one of the galleries. This is a life sized sculpture, nestled in the branches of a very old and very large tree.

This year, the entire Canyon Road Walk was cancelled due to you-know-what. I’m at the point of saying ENOUGH. It’s an outdoor event, in the bitter cold. No COVID would last for 2 seconds in that. We barely do. But, the event did not occur this year. So, last night I decided to go walk around anyway with a neighbor. There were some lights, hardly any people and no traffic. I still think it was worth it. Then we went over to the Plaza which was in fact brightly decorated as usual. We both agreed it was worth the effort.

Here is an image from last year.

I used the Sony A6500 with a Sigma 56mm f1.4 lens. That combination can literally see in the dark. I let the camera choose the ISO, and the highest number it “chose” was only 6400. I am amazed at how little grain there is. Cameras have come a long way since I started doing this. All this, in a very light and easy to carry package. The Sigma lens is also weather-protected as is the 6500. A very nice duo indeed!

Happy New Year to All! Here’s to a much better 2021.

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5 thoughts on “Santa Fe, New Mexico Christmas Lights”

  1. These are really nice photos. It’s interesting to look back in time a few months. I was just in New Mexico in early June.

    Your poor state was hit so hard with COVID-19, especially among the indigenous people. I feel the frustration. While traveling through northern New Mexico, I unexpectedly found most public restrooms closed. It was quite annoying to be a traveler and have nowhere to use a bathroom. I know it was a precaution for COVID, but odd and quite weird.

    Hopefully with the vaccine, things will improve there soon. The last year was trying for us all. Love your work!


    1. Hi Tim,

      Thanks for the nice words and encouragement. New Mexico is doing much better now. We’re pretty much mask-free now, although some people still want to wear it. I don’t care. Whatever works for people is fine with me.


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